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Our Cedar bead necklaces are unique because they include over 150 cedar beads and are exceptionally long, at least 60" (5 feet)!

The beads can be worn as a short or long necklace, or as a bracelet wrap. To allow them to be worn as a four strand choker, a silver plated "Necklace Shortener" clasp (see photo) is included with each necklace.

Cedar beads are often placed on a baby’s wrist or draped over their sleeping place for protection, happiness and a long future. Today, it’s common for adults to use them for the same purposes.

These necklaces are a wonderful present for any special occasion, birthing event or as a "Get Well" gesture. They have a delicate feel and a lovely presence.

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About Cedar Beads

For generations Navajo women and mid-wives have used cedar bead necklaces to attract positive forces during a birthing. The necklaces are also placed on a baby’s wrists or draped over their sleeping place for protection, happiness and a long future. Today these lovely bead necklaces are used by adults and babies alike to create the same feeling of safety and protection.

Cedar beads are made from juniper seeds. The trees do not produce every year, so it is a special event when they are abundant and harvestable. In years when the seeds are abundant Rose and her daughter Deedee, who are of the Navajo Salt Water Clan, hand gather the seeds from trees on their reservation in Arizona. After washing and preparing the beads they string them into these lovely and meaningful creations.



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