After an extensive search we found a solution that is specifically designed for flutes. The Vortex WalkAbout Portable Sound System projects the voice of the flute beautifully. The WalkAbout can be worn on a belt or a shoulder strap, has 10 pre-programmed settings designed around the Native American Flute and is endorsed by some of the most recognized names in the flute world. Every flute player will want one of these unique wearable sound systems for wind instruments.

The other option is a lapel mic from Radio Shack. It sells for about $35. This mic does not have quite the clarity but it is fine for home use.

There are many options when looking for amplifiers. Most of these decisions are based on cost. When looking for the best sound and quality out put, look at acoustic amplifiers. Because they are more pricy ($400 to $800) test them in the store with your own mic or get a return guaranty from the store so you can test it at home. If one needs an amp that is very portable and can run on a battery we recommend looking at the “Taxi” or “Limo” amp. The “Limo” MO is larger with better speakers and a built in reverb effect. They are very popular and should be easy to find. “Musicans Friend” carries them, they have a website.

A budget option for home use is a karaoke machine. They tend to have a reverb or echo feature built in and most of the time come with a play back tape (or CD) and a recording tape player. It is fun to record yourself.

Again, try them out in the store and see which one sounds best to you. Radio Shack has these units from $90 to $150. Check for sales.

There are many special effects units on the market. Nano Verb, Alises, are some well known brands that are reliable. You will find that there are lots of brand options and most are very competitive. These type of units have many more features and special effects that you will need. Try them out and see if you like the reverb and delay features, because as a flute player those are the effects you will use more so then any other. These units run any where from $100 to $200. Do not let price make your decisions, just because it is more expensive does not mean it will be a better unit for you. It just may have lots of features that a flute player may not need.

There also is a foot pedal reverb and delay unit available made by Boss. Its advantage is that it can run on batteries. It is about $150 and unless you need the battery feature the units mentioned above are a better bet because you get more for your money.